Removing Free Ranking

Ok here me out…free ranks are unfair on lower ranks and should not be allowed as they defeat the purpose of the ranking system. Well for those unfamiliar free ranks are when the higher-ranked staff gives out ranks to members usually because they are a friend, significant other etc.
While lower ranks work hard to obtain their rank and learn about Stateview and how it operates there are inexperienced members getting put in high-ranking positions most of the time not knowing how to properly use their rank, this ends with people abusing and causing issues.
I think it beneficial for statview its members and its integrity for free ranking to be removed from Stateview. I do not see any benefit to stateview from free ranking I feel as tho it has caused more problems than solved.

Ya sebee and flamingo got free rank

If any HR/SHR free ranks someone they will most likely get demoted, if they already are a really HR in another group they can get free ranked.

Famous people can be free ranked to AC but this is just to troll and doesn’t affect any other promotions