Rename "Prison Inspector"

Has anyone realised that Prison Inspector is literally the same as Superintendent? Just put the name “Chief Commander” or something.

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Is Wydm the same as SI?


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A superintendent is a person who “inspects” the prison.

They do not inspect the prison nor does PI

Hey kasg12,

The rank structure in Stateview mimics the ranks in real prisons, most if not all of the LR, MR and around half of the HR ranks are real positions held by people in real prisons.

It would be unrealistic to rename PI since “chief commander” isn’t a real position.

Prison Commissioner

“Prison Inspector” sounds like a way higher rank than it actually is.

I’m talking about real life. characters

It doesn’t matter what the rank sounds like or is perceived as, what really matters is the power that the rank holds.

Exactly, real life


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