Rename "Solitary" to "Medium Security"

The name “Solitary” might mislead people to think that it’s worse than Maximum Security, even though it isn’t.

Not needed.

The name “Solitary” might mislead people to think that it’s worse than Maximum Security, even though it isn’t.

It’s literally a QOL change, if they don’t know what’s going on, they might put prisoners in the wrong spot. It’s not very useful, sure, but it still misleads people, as Solitary Confinement has worse conditions than Maximum Security.

It’s not, Solitary Confinement is very commonly used as a punishment in prisons. Also, if officers are misplacing inmates, then they are not aware of the rules. Renaming it will not solve this issue in the slightest.

Most LR officers I’ve seen mistake solitary for being worse than Maximum Security, since it has worse conditions and just sounds like it’s worse. Renaming it to Medium Security wouldn’t only be more logical since Solitary is usually worse in real life, but it would make 3 prison security levels in a more obvious way than a confusing way. If you want Solitary to be kept, it could be made as a punishment worse than Maximum Security, but currently, the name and the appearance is really misleading to LR that Solitary is worse than Maximum Security.

Then they are not aware of the staff guidelines. Most LR’s that do this aren’t trying to abuse, they’re just confused so you must remind officers if they’re doing anything wrong.
It is not necessary to rename solitary or to add another type of security cell. What purpose would it server?

Stateview is not as restrictive as other prison games because learning and teaching the rules and regulations are part of the game. There is a reason why Stateview doesn’t have a hostile system like most other prison games.

By renaming it to Medium Security, it is immediatly clear that it’s not worse than Maximum Security, while the name Solitary Confinement isn’t that clear. I know they’re not abusing, but the name is really confusing wether if it’s better or worse, while Medium Security is immediatly clear to anyone.