#Rename trainings

Trainings are supposed to teach not test us, So I say rename trainings into Stateview test.
I know it doesn’t sound as good as a training but I see cadets thinking they gonna learn instead of being tested on. ( I said that wrong but the main thing is since trainings test our knowledge why not just rename into stateview tests)

uh, you DO get tested in trainings. Have you ever attended one? Or even spectated/helped?

I said that wrong. since trainings are more like tests this should be called stateview test since they are made more like a test

This makes sense. It says in the description in “session information” that, “Stateview Trainings are sessions hosted, to educate our staff on basic facility-correctness and procedures.” Yet, attending a training proves it to be, as said, more like a test, rather than training the staff. So I agree with this, and I think the description should be changed along with this.