Requesting something stupid

This is stupid but,

Allow FD to like lock the CR for like the shift part where you have the LD Drill,
cause today I was fighting to get CR back from 6 criminals who were fighting me and I could not turn off the LD…

crlock | Shift LD Drill Starting

idk Will thing even work as you have like 5/6 doors before you can enter the CR so idk…


skoseck | Facility Director, Appeals Staff.

CP+ are also allowed there and we would have to unlock and lock every time someone wanna enter. Also, if someone forgets to unlock it, it would end bad.

Some FD’s still forget to unlock the Sessions Room :confused:

Yeah. But control room is important. If someone doesnt unlock it and people cant get in. That wouldnt be good. Also, if the sessions room is locked, its not that bad. If someone wants to host, he needs to unlock it and in every session has to be a FD+ and if there is nothing hosted in that server and the cr is locked, they cant activate LD and etc.

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