Separate "warp sr" from the other warp commands and then give it to CP+ or FD+

Not sure if this is easy to add or not, but it can often be annoying to get to the SR. CAC+ only can use the warp command. I understand why the warp command is restricted to CAC+, that’s a good thing. However I believe it would be for the better if commands like warp cr and warp ar (or whatever it is) were separate commands from warp sr (call the new command srwarp or something like that). This would be really useful for us MRs.

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Greekui9ii3 - Facility Director

I agree but make it FD+ as everything can ve abused and CP is a buyable rank.

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Yeah, I was imagining 5 people doing srwarp and teleporting inside the Inspection without permission because they were 1 minute late.

They’re not supposed to, FD will most likely end up in the SR even if someone is already hosting, also, they won’t be able to get out of the SR without unlocking it. (If they walk to the SR, they see if something is being hosted)

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Yes but IF you disconnect or something you need to walk up to the door and shout that they tp you back in. Considering the fact most supervisors are AFK it can def be a mess. Same goes for when a training doesnt have a supervisor they can be the target in shooting and can always tp themselves back. Thats why to make it FD+, also, of theres no CP or FD in server they can also tp


This idea is great but it should only be for FD+, as CP can be bought and could be abused.

Yes, however they could just res themselves but it would probably be Minor AA unless they got perms to use the command.

It has happened to me when I have to re-join and the supervisor is afk and i have to wait a long time until they are back.