Session Room Lock for CP and FD

Instead of SRlock only being allowed to CAC+, it should be allowed to CP+ so they can lock the session room without having to ask a CAC+. The only way I can see this being abused is unlocking the session room when the session room is locked and only going in there to ask to fall in and spectate.


I agree that this is needed. Would help a lot!

Tbh I think rank buyers might abuse it, it should be FD+ as CP need a supervisor anyways



I don’t agree with CP but I do agree with FD because they are usually trusted a lot of times. So I think it should be for FD+. They also don’t need supervisor for shifts so I think locking should be for only FD+ so they can lock their shift if they don’t have their supervisor.

Facility Director.

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Hello danielk,
I do think that it would make our CP’s and FD’s life easier.
So this would make an amazing feature to the game.

CP and FD have the same admin though.

They can easily change the SRlock command and make it FD+

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So there should be MR admin as CP is MR, and HR admin as FD is HR. MR would be the same as HR today, and HR would have srlock and team, but if team command would be abused - for example “team me high i want to haha” the person would be automatically banned for 7 days by RoGuard.


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I agree with @Arish88602, CPs do not need access to the srlock command since they can’t supervise without a host anyway. It would be helpful to FDs however, for the reason stated by Arish

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Thank you, really appreciate it.

100% it is very annoying when i try and host and they all keep on raiding

Give it to FDs since they can supervise now. If it causes problems since both CP and FD have the same admin then just give it to both CPs and FDs, CPs have way more abusable commands anyways.