Sewer Level Glitch

I was an inmate, ready to go and escape through the sewer. I got into one of the cells, shot the toilet, to hop down into the sewer. The second I got into the sewer, the level messages popped up, 7+ of them, saying I earned 20XP. With is around 140XP. Then I checked my tasks, and it didn’t even checkmark on the task GUI, so that means that this could be recreated as many times as you want.

This can be recreated by just going into the sewer as a inmate. (I’m not sure about a cop.) I only did this once, without knowing about the glitch. So I only earned 1 level incase you want to deduct it.

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Yeah this has happened to me too, it levels you up like 2 times.

Depends on how much XP you had before. I just leveled up to 101, so when this happened I only leveled up to 102, but was very close to 103.

So it probably gives you around 160-180 xp, I tried it just now and it’s not repeatable, you can’t just go back up and jump down for infinite xp, at least there’s a limit.