Shift guide [UNOFFICIAL] 2023

Step 1 - Set-Up

  • Find a Co-Host (Maximum is 1, Must be Superintendent+ that is Verified in main and intel servers in discord)

  • There may only be four hardest-workers per-shift. Hardest workers are not required to be selected.

  • Only the hardest workers of a shift are to be promoted. Hardest workers are completely optional.

  • You must have five attendees or more to start the session.

  • Announce in Discord server in #session-announcements using format and in-game. (Example of in-game announcement: “h There's a Shift is being hosted in the session-room! Come on down and attend to show activity and possibly receive a promotion!”)

  • No helpers are allowed.

Host/Co-Host Requirements

  • Must use grammar at ALL times.
  • Must respect ALL trainees.
  • Remove any rule breakers from the shift.
  • Chairperson must have a supervisor. The supervisor is required to be present.
  • Facility Director may supervise Chairperson. But, they are required to have a ranker.
  • Facility Director’s may have a non-present supervisor, but the supervisor must rank at the end.
  • Community Advisory Council+ may host without a supervisor.
  • Evaluated High-Rank officers are exempt from needing a supervisor.
  • FD- Must have a ranker CAC+ or FD with elevated HR.

STS on the Host/Co-Host instructional line

Supervisor: Srlock

Host: h Shift starting | Ask to fall in!

Host: Hello. Welcome to today’s shift! My name is [Name] [Rank] and I’ll be your host.

Co-Host: Hey! I’m [Name] [Rank] your co-host! I’ll be assisting in today’s shift.

[The host/co-host may select their own greeting/introduction. However, it must be appropriate]

Host: Before we begin, let’s go over a few rules to help you pass this Shift!


I - DO NOT say PTS (Permission To Speak) while I am speaking.

II - Follow all orders given to you by a SI+ unless they ask you to break the rules.

III - If there is any problem, come to me, my Co-Host or any other SI+ for assistance.

IV - No asking for promotions/ranks.

V - You must use grammar at all times.

VI - PTS is active unless stated otherwise talking out of PTS will result in a warning!

Session Information

  • Only one captain is allowed. (Warden+ may be chosen as Captain)
  • The host will then go to each person stating their role and will explain them later when everyone knows their role.
  • You may check with all the attendees to see if they understand their roles they’ve been assigned.
  • After everyone gets their roles and understands what they are doing, they may be released to their role duties.
  • Shifts should last between 25 - 35 minutes.

Shift Roles

The host or co-host will assign roles to the attendees. The attendees are required to patrol the prison based on their assigned role.

Host: Before we begin, my co-host will now assign you roles. Please listen carefully, as your role will depend upon what you will be doing for the duration of this shift.

Once completed please state the descriptions of these roles.

Host: Please listen carefully as I will now be going over the description of each role.

Patrol Team - Patrols the prison, follows the status.

Scout Team - Patrols outside the prison and guards the prison from watch towers.

Response Team - Guards around the set status, answers to any panic calls, watches over checkpoints and control room.

Camera Operator - Works on cameras, reporting about the prison on radio.

Captain - Head of a group of people, keeping control in their group and restoring order.

Shift Dismissal

When you are completed giving a brief description of each role, in addition to assigning roles. Please move forward with session-instruction.

Host: Within this shift- We will undergo a [Lockdown/Blackout]. You are required to obey by the procedures of the drill.

Host: Lockdown Drill: On the commencement of a Lockdown drill, attendees are to transfer all inmates into their cells. Everyone should be within cell-block during the Lockdown.

Host: Blackout Drill: The power within the facility will be shutdown. Guards and inmates are required to be inside of cellblock until the procedure concludes. We ask that you DO NOT restore the power.

Host: Before I dismiss you, here’s a few expectations that we expect throughout the shift.

I - You are required to communicate.

II - When communicating on the radio, use the format: [Rank] (Text). Example: [CP] Cell Block is clear!

III - Please, remember NOT to keep doors open and NOT to use lethal force unnecessarily.

IV - You are expected to maintain decent communication, and follow instruction of the host/co-host at all times.

V - You are required to use channel 2 for the duration of this shift.

Host: Dismissed to roles!

Lockdown Drill - Optional

When conducting a lockdown drill, you must ensure that all staff members are on the same page as you. This means that you must maintain communication during the drill to ensure that everything happens as planned.

Host/Co-host: h There is an ongoing Lockdown Drill, all guards please transport the inmates to their cells. During this Lockdown Drill locking up inmates in their cells will not be seen as cuff abuse. The only people allowed in the CR are SI+.

Host: h All staff personnel associated with the shift, please switch over to channel two to obtain further details.

You may carry out the Control panel abuse punishment for people failing to abide by this rule.

While the attendees are carrying out the lockdown drill, make sure to note down the most active, good communication and the ones who capture the inmates.

  • You will now announce that no-one can change the Status or lockdown, example below. (Only Host and Co-Host can change the Status and turn on/off lockdown)
  • More attendees are allowed to join halfway, through the shift.

h The lockdown has concluded, resume facility operations.

Host/Co-Host:h Please do not change the Status or mess around with lockdown due to an ongoing session, failure to do so will result in a punishment.

Blackout Drill

When conducting a blackout drill, please ensure everyone understands what to do before the procedure. Members will not have access to the radio.

Within this drill, the host/co-host is to shut down the power of the facility. We ask that you wait an additional two minutes, then the host/co-host may restore the power.

Note: It is recommended that the co-host(s) stand beside the door with the power-box, to ensure it does not get touched during the drill.

Host/Co-host: h There is an active blackout. Please relocate all inmates to cell-block. Guards and staff are to be positioned in cellblock. No one is to be in the hallways. We ask you do not restore power

You may carry out the Control panel abuse punishment for people failing to abide by this rule.

While the attendees are carrying out the blackout drill, make sure to note down the most active, good communication and the ones who capture the inmates. After you are done call back your attendees and helpers to the session room.

h The situation has been resolved. Please resume facility operations.

Once completed, call all attendees back to the session-room for further instruction.
h All attendees associated with the on-going session. Please report to the session-room.

Concluding the Shift

Host:h Can everyone from the shift please report back to the session-room.
Make 2 calls

Make the trainee’s STS again and then take the “proof” or screenshot needed for the shift log.

Host: Welcome back! Before I announce the hardest workers, we will take a picture! (Please stay STS while we do this or please wedge on me)

Host: Now I will announce the hardest workers, you all did good but these attendees did an outstanding job! (Say Their Names)

Host: Thank you for attending my Shift today. I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to be your host today!

Co-Host: Also from me, thank you for participating in our shift, dismissed!

Host: h Shift concluded, have a good day/night.

  • After you conclude your shift, log it in #shift-logs and delete your session in #session-logs!
  • In a shift CAO-DW may be promoted for their hard work. However, before promoting Cooldowns MUST be checked in the intel server with the rg!cooldowns (username) command. The command does not work have the time. The promotion MUST be logged in #promotion-logs within the intel server.

They are not required to have a ranker if hardest worker is optional.

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They are required to have a ranker unless the fd has elevated hr perms