Shift-Lock wall bypass

  • Description: As before, there was a glitch with “/e dance2” with which you could go through walls, and its still there, in-game, but its not that often anymore as most of its placements were redone, but shift-lock has a way longer distance to go through, so its even worse glitch or bug then “/e dance2”
  • How often does it occur: same chances as “/e dance2”
  • Where does it occur: doors(excluding janitor room), walls(excluding long walls and walls upper than character y pos, and gates(excluding main gate)
  • How to reproduce: speed into wall with shift then shift lock with 90 degrees camera
  • Video showing the bug:

The video is on private please make it public that everyone can see it.

Made it link only, should work now, thanks for informing

Now we can see it. Thanks for your bug report hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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its a roblox glitch, the only way to fix it is to remove dancing or to make all walls thicker

Is that Roblox glitch, or it’s the game issue :sleeping: