Should make it so that you can either buy the guns and cuffs so we can reduce the amount of abuse that gets used by them like cuff abuse and gun abuse

Just a suggestion doesnt have to happen it’s just reduce the amount of abuse used and we should make it so a certain level+ can get guns and cuffs so that we can reduce it

I think you should only get a taser, and instant arrest cuffs before you pass a training.

Instant arrest cuffs? Most abusers just cuff and then instantly arrest anyway.

Passing a training isn’t enough either. They should change the CO quiz to a cadet quiz and then they need to pass a tryout to obtain cuffs/guns.

Alternatively guns could be locked with a glock being given out for ERT and an M4A1 being given to a DW.

This is if a change is to happen, the current ranks/rewards are fine because we have enough people to deal with abusers.

That’s what I meant.