Shower suggestions

In the showers, it’s really plain, I have an idea to fix this.

  1. Add curtains (transparent curtains that can be opened)
  2. Auto water (allows water to be turned off when player has not been in shower for more than 10 sec.)
  3. a balcony (similar to the one in the lunch room)

(more may be added)

Good idea, maybe make it bigger too, and maybe add some higher walls so people can’t just jump on top of the walls and dance lol.

Well dancing on the walls isn’t really an issue. It would be cool to have a balcony type thing like the lunch-room has. I think the showers are the least-detailed place in the game.


Nice,but this might take up big amounts space.Other that good suggestion.

Why a balcony in a shower room? Makes no sense, but the curtains would be a good idea, also a fresh uniform stand, and a stand with soap, and towels.