Snowball glitch on the yard

  • when you get hit by a snowball which you get given by Santa on the yard it gets you stuck under ground.
  • When it hits you or when someone hits you with a snowball.
  • yard time. And on the yard.
  • Fix it so when you get hit it doesn’t make you stuck or remove the snowball completely. Or give it to do if you get stuck you can use the ref command but then when you get un stuck the command gets removed completely unless your a high rank but if it’s given to you you can only use the ref command on your self.
  • I don’t have a video but I can get one if needed.
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This is not a bug. Making you get stuck is intentional.


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Yes but it is annoying so they need to do something about it.

This is especially annoying during a shift when officers throw snowballs at the host or at attendees. They then have to be reset, but sometimes it doesn’t even work. They need a rework where you only get stuck for 5 seconds instead of forever.

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Exactly but it is ment to be like that because I went into a game and used Modcall and then he said it’s meant to be like that. But I do agree with you they should do that.
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Daisycatlover0702 deputy warden.