Starting screen bug

  • Description: When you join in the game and get the starting screen, you won’t be able to proceed through the “play” button, but you are able to select teams from the “settings” icon. You will also be able to select whaever icon you want to. After you have selected your team from the “settings” icon, it will leave the starting screen in there, but show what is in front of you, proceeding you to the spawn. Now after done, you will be able to click “play” button and it works, but doesn’t pick the team you clicked in there.
  • How often does it occur: Randomly/not sure
  • Where does it occur: In the starting screen.
  • How to reproduce: Join the game and click “Play” button.
  • Video showing the bug:
  • Device information: Lenovo laptop with AMD A4, Windows 10
  • Logs: Forgot/didn’t know/had already left.

@dpimpy (Just so you won’t miss!)

Hey, the video doesn’t really show you clicking on the button or it’s way too laggy to see it. If you possibly get another video, that’d be lovely. :smile: Also, for me it works with nothing in the developer console besides BA loading, a PBR texture error, and some prints.