State View Prison Lights

When I am in the guard towers at night it is close to impossible to see anything so a good update would be to add floodlights all around the prison and automatically turn on when it gets dark. This would be a great update. It makes it very hard for shifts Also torches might be cool when outside the prison because it is dark when in the forest or something.


I like this idea, because when it’s yard and it’s dark, it’s basically almost pitch black. But the torches idea is eh. But I fully agree to add floodlights to guard towers, and some lights in yard.

  • Roblox_Superfan9977, Warden of SVP.
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Yes it is very hard when you are a scout. It is close to impossible to see what you are meant to be doing

Alongside this update, which would be a great idea, for people (in a shift) they should have flashlights so they could detect any criminals or escapees.