Stateview 2023 elections - first poll of the election


Who Will You Be Voting For - As of Right Now

As the Stateview 2023 Elections approach, we’re eager to gauge your current preferences. Share with us your thoughts on the candidates and let us know who has earned your vote as of this moment. Your input adds a dynamic layer to the evolving electoral landscape as we countdown to Election Day!

  • FntJoshyy
  • Pzisalwayswatching29
  • Ctild
  • Mauriking141
  • Packintheface
  • Theaviationguy3
  • Thankableboomcake
  • Jjbbyy44
  • Creepycaybz
  • Vipgodsome90
  • Shark6661alt1
  • Barchiniman
  • Sniperxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Stddj713

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I wonder who ya’ll voting for.

Pz for real is who pz voted for

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You for life plz for life. You have my vote.

I endorse Donald J. Trump.


random cadet coming 4th which is very funny :skull:

I Fully Endorse FNTJoshyy vote for him to bring peace to Stateview Prison

I Fully support @packintheface

I endorse @ctild/Calasay! For real he is more pro than me

I fully support calasay a reasonable and sensible man.