Stateview Correctional Facility Begginer officer Guide! [UNOFFICIAL]

Congrats! You just became a Cadet Officer! Now, how do you play the game properly? When do you punish inmates? Are there any rules to follow?

I will answer those questions!

  1. What is your role in this game?

As a Cadet Officer, you only have access to the Correctional Staff team and Inmate team, and since you don’t get any guns as a Cadet Officer, it’s important to know when to punish inmates.
Your role is to overall enforce the prison, guard it and stop any riots.

  1. How do you rank up?

Stateview has a lot of ranks, Cadet Officer is the lowest officer rank by far. So if you want to have more authority, you will need to rank up.
Get this, your next rank is Corrections Officer. If you opened the tab with the Gun icon, you would see a list of ranks, going up all the way to Superintendent. Next to those ranks, there are level requirements, such as:

Corrections Officer (CO) - Level 3
Emergency Response Team (ERT) - Level 4
Commander (COMM) - Level 8
Prison Inspector (PI) - Level 16
Deputy Warden (DW) - Level 32
Warden (W) - Level 64
Superintendent (SI) - *Formerly Level 128*, Obtainable by any session (except shifts)

But levels aren’t the only way to rank up.


Sessions are events that are hosted by Chairperson or higher (depending on the type of session) and they can happen randomly trought the server. There are a lot of sessions, but as a begginer, you should only care for 2 of them:

  • Trainings
  • Shifts.

Trainings can be hosted by Facility Director or higher. They have 4 phases:

    • Faces
    • Questions
    • Scenarions
    • Accuracy
      Types of faces:
- Left face: Turn 90 degrees to the **Left**
- Right face: Turn 90 degrees to the **Right**
- About face: Turn 180 degrees.
- Center face: Turn to the initial position.
- Control face: ALWAYS face the host untill he announces the "Center Face" (Don't fall for this, only the Center Face stops the Control Face, if the host says any other face, don't do it.)

Questions: The host will Private Message (PM) you 2 questions that you must answer With Grammar.

Scenarios: These are scenarios that can happen in the real game, such as an inmate shooting, an inmate going into a restricted zone etc.

Accuracy: This stage tests your aim. You will be relocated into the nearby accuracy room, where you will take a Glock-17 and shoot the targets.

All trainings are pretty much the same, so it may seem like a reliable scource of ranking up, but it isn’t. Trainings are rarely hosted so you may not have the best chances of passing them, let alone getting them.

So then let’s see shifts!

Shifts can be hosted by Chairperson and higher. This session is about getting a role and doing what the role’s description tells you to. These roles can be:

Patrol - The most common role. You have to follow the status and help in the Lockdown/Blackout/Evacuation Drill.

Scout - With this role, you have to go to the FG (Front Gate) and be a lookout on the nearby towers.

Response - To get this role, you must be on the Emergency Response Team. With this role, unlike patrol, you can go around the whole prison, and answer to any panic calls on the radio.

Camera Operator - This role is exclusive for Prison Inspector and higher. You will go to the prison exit and watch the cameras, reporting about the prison.

Captain - This role is only given to players that are Wardens or higher. With this role, you can supervise a group or people.

Drill Instructor (Evacuation Shift exclusive) - Similar to Captain, this role is only given to Wardens or higher. One thing to note is that this isn't exactly a role, rather an addition. You can only get Drill Instructor if you're a patrol. With this role, you must announce the safety of the yard and give orders to start the transportation.

The best way to pass a shift is to Communicate.

  1. Inmate punishments.

There are 3 types of punishments you can give to inmates:

  1. Warnings
  2. Solitary Confinement
  3. Maximum Security

You must give a warning when an inmate:

- Is seen in a restricted area
- Punching an officer
- Having NON - Lethal contraband (Hammers, Fake keycards etc.) Note: Boomboxes aren't considered contraband, so warning someone for using a boombox is considered cuff abuse, unless they're playing audio that bypassed Roblox ToS.

To warn someone, you must cuff them then say "Warning [Warning Number], [Reason], such as "Warning 2, Possesion of a hammer".

You must send prisoners to Solitary Confinement if they:

- Crossed their 3rd warning.
- Spotted with a weapon, but didn't use it.
- Attemped to escape (Crossed the red line NEXT TO THE CORRECTIONAL STAFF, NOT NEXT TO THE DOORS.)

You must send prisoners to maximum security if they:

- Killed an officer
- Used a weapon

  1. Restricted Areas/Permissions

By restricted areas/permissions, I mean areas that require certain ranks to get to or certain stuff that requires ranks:

Control Room - Commander and higher (COMM+). The control room is located in the Cell Block and from there you can activate the lights, close/open all cells and activate the lockdown (DW+)
Control Panels - COMM+. The control panels control the door at certain rooms (Showers, Cell block, Max Security Cell Block).
Cameras - Prison Inspector and higher (PI+). The camera room is located near the entrace, and only PI+ can use it.
Lockdown - Deputy Warden and higher (DW+). The lockdown can be activated from the control room and is exclusive to Deputy Warden and higher.
Execution Chair - DW+. Located on the second floor.
Control Room (DURING A SHIFT) - Superintendent and higher (SI+). During a Shift Lockdown Drill, only superintendents and higher can enter the control room.
Shift Lockdown Drill - Chairperson and higher (CP+). Only the host can activate a Shift Lockdown Drill. They aren't much different than normal Lockdowns, but they are only activated during shifts.
Session Room (When there's no session) - Prison Comissioner and higher (PC+). The session room is located at the second floor.

  1. Officer rules.

Lastly, new players and anyone in general must follow these rules, not following them could result in punishments. (Mostly applies to officers only)

No Cuff Abusing
No Random Killing
No Helping Inmates Escape
No Going In Rank-Locked Areas
No  Breaking the Roblox ToS

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Very good and informative guide :slight_smile: , Just one question what is your rank in SV?
It can’t be under CP.

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Solitary Confinement is to be used when:

  • An inmate attempts to escape.
  • An inmate reaches 3 warnings.

Maximum Security is to be used when:

  • An inmate has a gun, even if they do not use it.
  • An inmate kills an officer/inmate.

Inmates with contraband other than weapons should be warned 3 times before being placed in SC.

Yes, It can be under Chairperson.