Stateview July Newsletter

:star2: • Stateview July Newsletter • :star2:

Swinging Into Action: News and Updates from July 2023


:fire: • We are excited to introduce to you our July 2023 Newsletter!, loaded with phenomenal updates and news from Stateview’s Administration. Our aim is to keep you informed about the latest news in our community, as well as recognize and celebrate our spectacular employees and their efforts.

:firecracker: • In this edition, we have many things to broadcast. From listing our amazing employees of the month in July, an award given to those truly deserving for their outstanding efforts and activity, to our recent achievement of 640K members! This edition is full of achievements and complete dedication shown from our employees, and we are here to showcase it.

:rocket: • Along with all this, we have some superb promotions and community activities that we think you’ll love to see. We are dedicated to sustaining a positive and supportive work environment, and we hope that the measures taken will assist in encouraging a sense of teamwork and acceptance within our organization, welcoming everyone.

Post Creation: July 25th, 2023.
Post Last Updated: August 10th, 2023.

:medal_military: • 640,000 MEMBER MILESTONE • :confetti_ball:


:clinking_glasses: • This month, Stateview hit an amazing milestone of 600 THOUSAND members! This, of course, was celebrated greatly. Lots of members of the community came together to celebrate the milestone together at the moment it was achieved, together with Jimmy, the owner of Stateview itself. After this, the party wasn’t over yet. Afterwards, a special session was hosted by SirYeet and xFrank_ie, in order to celebrate this milestone. In the session, fun activities such as red-light, green-light and a 75 vs 75 battle between inmates and police officers were held. After that, some special promotions were made to members of the community that have shown their consistent dedication.

:tada: • To finish this celebration, Jimmy, the owner of Stateview, plans to host a fantastic party to engage with the community, the date still being undecided.

:sunny: • EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH • :dart:


:trophy: • At Stateview, we value hard work and dedication. Because of this, each week, one employee is assigned as Employee of The Week! These Employees are given credit for their amazing work ethic and activity. Because of their great work, they receive an honorable mention in this Newsletter! Each of these individuals are hard-working, valued members of the community who deserve a special mention.

:medal_sports: • Each week, we carefully review the performance and work of our employees and pick one individual who has demonstrated exceptional performance, contributed greatly to our community and achieved goals. This program is designed to highlight and commemorate the efforts of our team members who consistently show their dedication to high standards, innovation, hard work and customer satisfaction.

July Employees of the Month

:headphones: • JULY FAN SHOWCASE • :video_camera:

:sparkles: • Our fan YouTube Showcase is here, and we’re placing the spotlight on a talented community member! Each month, we will be featuring three marvelous videos created by people just like you.


:earth_americas: • NOTICEABLE COMMUNITY MEMBERS • :dizzy:

:star2: • Each month, we select three members of the community who stand out from the crowd and draw your attention to them. To show our appreciation for these members, we developed a program dedicated to acknowledging and honoring these honorable members of our community.

July 2023 Noticeable Community Members

:medal_sports: • JULY SPECIAL PROMOTIONS • :dart:

:balloon: • Here in Stateview, we value and respect our administrators, who play a vital part in the success and growth of our organization. We recognize their dedication, hard work and consistent contributions to the community. We are proud to promote these users as they continue to show their ability to expand their capabilities and responsibilities.

July 2023 Special Promotions

:revolving_hearts: • MIDDLE-RANK PROMOTIONS • :star_struck:

:bouquet: • At Stateview, we firmly believe in recognizing and appreciating the contributions of all our members, including our Middle-Ranks. These members play an exceptionally important role in supporting the daily operations ongoing and contribute strongly towards the success of our organization.

July 2023 Middle Rank Promotions

:newspaper: • NEWS & UPDATES • :newspaper_roll:

:pushpin: • Recently in Stateview, a new program was created to allow Chairperson+ train to earn a role called the “Certified High Rank”. This role showcases your exceptional demonstration of dedication and expertise shown. This session can be hosted by a Chief of Staff+ and will be hosted one a month,

:pen: • This session will hopefully allow contributing members of our community to be recognized for their consistent efforts.

:open_book: • Alongside that, Stateview Executives have been updating the handbook rules and regulations regularly, and ensuring it is entirely up to date and improved, such as the new dismissing disturbing spectators rule.

:wave: • Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you more exciting content in the near future. Stay tuned for more promos, events and updates!

Written & Created by Stateview’s Community Newsletter Team.