{Stateview News} Chairperson Admin Removed!

Hey Stateview, today SirYeet has confirmed that the HR admin for Chairpersons has been removed.

I believe everything is the same in terms of W-CP promotions (as it is now), the only thing that has changed is CP has no permissions to kick/ban in game due to abuse of gamepasses and no longer have a quota - SirYeet

He stated that many people have bought the gamepass and abused perms. In other news, Chairperson’s Quota have been removed and they no-longer need to be in the Discord Servers.

CP = W theoretically now - SirYeet

For other ranks, the “Supervision Quota” has been removed


SirYeet and I have decided to de-establish ‘Supervision Quota’ as a whole due to @Chairperson(s) no long needing to host. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to find a supervisor: You may request one in personal messages or :construction_worker_man:|request-supervisor.

As for @Facility Director, @Community Advisory Council, @Prison Commissioner, you will no longer be required to meet the expectations of supervision quota. But it’s highly recommended you supervise sessions for Chairperson(s), to show activity.


xTre_yy, Board of Directors
SirYeet, Chairman of the Board

Thats all for today, now I want to see what you think about this.

What do you think about the changes?

  • I support this changes
  • I disagree with this changes
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Do you guys want to see more of this?

  • Yes
  • Kinda
  • No

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If the host is CP, do I need to announce everything in-game for them? Yes!

I don’t have any robux to get the Gamepass admin, any other ways to privately message the co host or supervisor? Yep, you should DM them on discord.

I got promoted to CP! Do I need to be in the discord servers? No, since CPs are no-longer required to host.

That sucks. why not just leave em’ with like view or something.

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You should be ashamed for this , people have worked to get to chairperson and this is what they get in return.

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WHy not make the CP gamepass have no admin? and people who have worked for it admin?


I’m not going to lie, I worked for over 5 months just to get this rank. And now this is what I get back? Yeah, good for the community for lower abuse, But what about the people who actually don’t AA, etc? We have to sacrifice our admin just for the irresponsible Chairpersons. Plus without a supervision quota in my timezone barely anyone is supervising. I have to wait 2 hours for a supervisor. (This is just my timezone, not others). And to the developers and the people who made this, I know you seem to like to be benefiting the community but it’s really unfair for some people, and updates should be helping everyone in the community. Right now as a CP I am dissatisfied and could understand why the others are mad also. Please change this update or make it fairer to the Chairperson and Wardens.


I did not make this change, Siryeet did.

My suggestion to them would be to atleast get “Gamepass Admin” level and you can use it on others. (If a lower rank then you has the gamepass then technically they have more perms then you, LOL)

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True that I just got CP and it actually feels like Warden.

Just an add-on to what I said. We couldn’t do anything about it so I think we should just work hard for FD so our work wouldn’t go to waste.

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We need to protest. #bringbackCPadmin

Agreed!!! Jk it’s alright i guess because it sort of encourages CPs to work harder to get FD…

DON’T PROTEST NO NO NO!!! Just give they CPs that worked for it their admin and have the devs make a whole other CP rank for the gmaepass

CP wont be getting admin back soon and if they are truly devoted to their skill and job then they will work for FD - Kyoto_Tasori | Head Journalist of Stateview News

Get FD :smiley:


well the poeple who worked for it just got stabbed in the back cus of this

Yes because you have to be in both servers to get promoted
(Sorry for revive don’t reply to this please)

You dont, CPs dont have to be in servers

I was saying that this is incorrect.