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Hi everyone, I just want to advertise the unofficial wiki for Stateview Prison that I am an admin for. We are currently a small community, and it would be great to get more people. We only have like 4-5 active people (including me). We are trying to update outdated info, as it was created in 2021, but the creator stopped doing it. He recently added me and @flipstatic_energy. Flip is the Bureaucrat, and I’m the admin.


Hello, I looked through the wiki a bit and I must say that it is well made. However it is a bit outdated and some of the information is false.

Max and solitary:

The two should be swapped as max is a more severe punishment than solitary.


Community Advisory Council - Prison Commissioner is considered HR while only BoG - BoD is considered SHR. The wiki states that PC is SHR, which is false.

Inmate warnings:

Any staff member is allowed to give warnings to inmates. At warning 3, inmates should be taken to max, not killed. It would be considered tools abuse.

Warnings to other officers:

You can’t really “warn” other officers as a Deputy Warden. Instead, call a mod or report them. Leave the verbal warnings to staff members who have Bloxcord perms. Also, the command is “modcall”. It has no prefix.


Corrections Officer is not a team, but instead a rank. And also, Overseer Command is not included.


This is not meant as an insult. I understand you are only 5 people working on the wiki and I imagine it must be difficult work setting it up with such a small team. I hope you find this information useful.

Thanks! All of the info is slightly outdated/innacurate. I just edited the post to describe that…

Additionally, I do not deserve the credit for putting it together, it was somebody named MandrinNate a few years ago. I happened to stumble across it, so I became very active a few weeks ago.
Finally, it would be easier for you to go in and directly make the changes instead of telling us what it is.

Thanks so much,

Yeah there are some things that can be added. Its good if we can get many other people to make accounts to help us.

For the record I was working on it and quit when I got demoted (and temp quit SV for a while) and that was before overseer existed.

No, Inmates should be taken to solitary, not max.

Well, it’s a team name and rank.

Solitary is for punching/attempted escape, max is for warning 3/shooting/killing. This used to be stated clearly on the training guide.

It seems you’ve posted some sort of training or shift guide. This is a reminder that this thread is unofficial and no staff should be following this sort of guide. All official guides are located in Staff Information.

This isnt a guide clown bot lol

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I have a complete rank guide if you would like to see it and add it to the wiki. I would also love to contribute to the making of this wiki. Good job!

Guide link: Rank order and how to obtain each one

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@skyzzzz11, Thank you, but it is not quite formatted as what we currently have it as. The rank guide is great, but it doesn’t have all the permissions, which is what we want.


I would love to add that. I’ll reply later when I am done!

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Thank you! It’s great to have another active contributor!

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I have finished the guide adding the perks now. If you need any help, just let me know!
I myself will say, that I am one of the smartest and knowledgeable members of Stateview.
Thank you!

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