Stateview Session Update @ 500k

Hey, it was announced on the Stateview Discord that sessions would be improved in the 500k update. Anybody have any ideas on what the changes/improvements might be?

Make inspections 1-2 times per week. I only get to see inspections happens once per week. It’s not fair for everyone if it’s not 2 times per week.

Role: CP (Non-Admin)

I do not think this is a good reason for this because it may cause chaos, and begging to join.

Yeah because then the servers would be flooded unless we get more servers because the current amount is small

Another promotion hungry person. Great.
Before you say this think about the community rather than yourself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

“Its not fair” it is fair
And currently we have like 3 inspections a week lol

it is fair, 3 inspections a week. WOWWWWW. Just get noticed if you can’t attend them.

Fax yo
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Yo blub, any ideas on what they are planning for sessions?

Ikr these people act like FD+ don’t have lives and are session hungry.

What I think will be added:

An in-game session announcer. When a CP+ Wants to announce a session in-game there is a board so if a person wants to attend a session they click the board sees the session was filled in and click join no need for a job ID.

Rn inspections are hosted 2-3 times per week.

Uhh revive

you got a reason?


I do think this is a very good idea or it could be a thing with the setting and when a CP+ click Start shift or start training it will do the calls for them.

No no no… We have like 500 CP’s … And look at the abusers …

If it was FD+ i would agree, because it would be easier to host on mobile since you don’t have to copy and paste all of that (i only host on PC but I’m thinking for the mobile people)

Yes I would definitely agree on this

Maybe FD’S do it instead of CP’S.