Stateview Training & Education Department Suggestion

Training & Education Department

Department Information

  • Overview: The Training & Education Department would carry many responsibilites in the job of ensuring that stateviews Middle Ranks and above are properly educated on Company Guidelines as well as General Stateview Knowledge.

  • Guidelines: This department would have the authority to oversee and modify all Stateview Guidelines to ensure they are very acurate and clear to those of any rank. They would ensure that there is no room for confusion or guessing when reading the guidelines.

  • Session Overview: The department would have the authority to Host sessions for SI+ outside of HR-Exams. Although I am not sure about how HR-Exams work I asusme there is stuff that could be added on in a longer and/or more in depth session. This session would revolve around reviewing and asking questions about the rules and session guidelines and scenarios inclduing multiple helpers for accuracy in the scenario.

  • Spectate/Feedback: The department would have the authority to spectate sessions and provide feedback to the Host, Co-Host(s), Helper(s), and Supervisor. This could help users improve by learning new knowledge and having somebody they can ask questions. It could also let them reflect on the session for the future.

  • Teach Punishment: As a punishment instead of a Verbal Warning or something along those lines when expectations are not met, a “teach” punishment can be assigned instead. In this case the punished user would be mandated to attend a training hosted by the Training & Education Department or else they would face harsh punishment.

  • Rewards: To encourge people to join these training without it being a punishment, rewards can be offered like a quota excused or quota decreased. There could be a reward system for attending these trainings which could offer things like temporary EHR/CHR or other good rewards.

  • Department Diversity: Different ranks in the department would have different permissions. This would be for multiple reasons. The first being to ensure that people who are new to the department and still learning the department guidelines will have less to worry about. Another reason is to divide department permissions equally.

  • Why This Could Be Beneficial: Over my past 2 months as a CAC I have seen countless instances of users not knowing how to Host or failing to issue the correct punishments for a rule violation. A lot of these users end up punished or spend forever trying to learn the correct way to do things. There is also a lot to expand on that could be introduced into the department to make it more effective if it were to become a thing. Even if this suggestion does not get approved I still believe there needs to be a form of education rather then just punishing users until they learn the correct way to do stuff. Thank you for reading.

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i dont think thats a good idea

Dear @parimatch1,
Is it ok if I change the category your post is in to Feature Requests, as it fits it better then Stateview Discussion.

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this already exists its called community management but it just does not have all the features mentioned here

thats what i was thinking


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isnt this cm basically
kind remarks gty

I have read all your comments and while this is basically CM stuff I still think there is useful stuff that could be introduced into CM from this post.

This sound like a department we have LOL

Oh ■■■■ this is a old topic

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I mean you dm sale associates to buy dept perms so you can actually make it lol