Stateview Update

So you know lockdown, there should be a level 1, 2 and level 3 lockdown, they will all have different sounds, level 1 is like if prisoners try to escape or escape, level 2 is like if there was an armed prisoner or criminal, and level 3 should be when there’s like 2+ armed prisoners and 3+ criminals or like a full on raid, and there should be a thing called blackout, blackout is where it goes all dark, I suggest that DW+ should only use this for like massive raids by criminals and armed prisoners.

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When I meant a full on road I meant like a full raid with criminals and armed prisoners, and when I said level 1 lockdown was for prisoner escaped, I meant like 5+ people escaping and ERT couldn’t get all of them.

This is a good suggestion. But, maybe instead of it being a lock down it would be a precaution level 1 being prisoners escaping, it would be a smaller scale type of thing. Essentially, level 1 would be to keep an eye out and be on your top watch. Level 2 would be an outbreak of multiple inmates; sound of an alarm and the alarm lights would be activated. Level 3 would be the actual lockdown itself. In this case, the prison is at severe risk of being taken over, multiple escapees, all hell is breaking loose. Lights would be activated, sound may change to something more urgent sounding, and perhaps a little tab on your screen that would say something along the lines of “LEVEL 3 LOCKDOWN, TAKE CAUTION” or some other idea.

So for level on i think that is just a bit wrong because prisoners escaping is not the biggest deal raids are and a bunch of armed prisoners are

You’re right about that, I was in a train of thought after raids and all becoming less common.