Stateview Verification Access Denied

My informatiom

Roblox User: x_Aqil
Discord User: x_Aqil#0001
What happened: Whenever I do !verify, it gives me a link, I click it, it makes me connect my discord user. When I click allow, it says ‘Access Denied’

I manually verified you for now.


Hi there, you rolled me warden whereas I’m Chairperson. Please could you fix this? Thanks

Type “!getroles” in bot commands

He cant verify sherlock, how would he be able to update roles without a verified account.

My information

Roblox User: Louiswp2205
Discord User: Louiswp#8662
What happened: Same as x_Aqil, I used to be in the discord server, but I accidentally leave the wrong server. So, I join back the Stateview Prison Discord server and I do !verify, but when I want to verify it said “Access Denied (002x)”

Can you please fix this? Thanks!

I need to switch my account

User currently: Dmitrybohonak25#3490

I need to change it to this acc: Profile - Roblox

Please help

My roblox user: Carlosw2001
My discord user: ItzBlize#1735
It won’t let me verify on the discord server, it keeps saying “Access Denied” I did !verify it gave me a link and then it did that.

Please verify me.

I cant verify it says You are not allowed to use this application. You can try switching accounts to continue. can you manually verify me im rank Emergancy response team and i did a tryout i should be getting a higher rank soon he said 3-7 days now it should be 1-5 days but it wont let me verify my account in discord username on roblox is Madmanmali13 and discord name is Mali

Don’t revive 2 year dead topics :skull_and_crossbones:



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Same problem I type !verify and link my account my account is linked, then I try !getroles and it still does not work

Is ur Roblox acc 13+?


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Yeah my account is over 13 user is horsee_159159159…

Probably BC is down. Just try again.

I have tried more than 50 times…. It has been 3-4 months…