Stateview wiki adoption discussion post

I made a post on the wiki to adopt it as no admins are currently active.

If you have a fandom account be sure to comment here to increase the chance that I can adopt it.

Oh yeah, When I am able to adopt it I will make a few members admins there but it will likely be CP+ (I might need to talk to higher management)

Wait, so what exactly is your idea? And what admins are you talking about?

Im adopting the fandom wiki because the admins there are inactive. After that I might make some members of the community like trey bcrats, admins and modera

And what is it that makes you think you qualify for this?

I think some real staff should take care of it. You are just CP. It ain’t enough in my opinion. Many CP’s abuse.

Im adopting because I have a fandom account. It would just make me the owner of the wiki. Im going to promote some other HRs to Bcrat as well.

Plus I moderate other wikis which shows I have experience.