Stop suggesting stupid stuff to give wardens more power or an easier way to rank up

I mean me and a lot of others, including both CP+ and CP- but then the CP- who actually want what’s best for the community are just tired of continuously having to tell you that wardens arent trustworthy and professional to host shifts, get admin, or an easier way to rank up. Now let me give you the reasons:

Give wardens admin:
Wardens aren’t trustworthy and its an easy rank to get, just VK and report.

Allow wardens to host shifts:
No, first of all, they would need admin, second of all, 70% of them dont use grammar and arent in discord

Allow wardens to be promoted in trainings:
I mean cmon its just stupid, trainings are too easy and CP has admin

Lock any of the things listed above to a certain level:
No, they could just afk farm or just be in game a lot

Lock any of the things listed above to a quiz:
No, they might be copying answers with just a bit of editing

Or any other just dumb topics, we’re tired of telling y’all

I understand if I’m starting to sound toxic but im telling at least 2 people a day why these things are bad so understand my pain pls


I agree with everything you said, but for a CAC, your grammar is not too good either, I mean, just re-read what you wrote.

This is the forums i aint using grammar here :rofl:


I still have not managed to find anything explaining how one becomes a CP, so could you please explain that, or at least inform me exactly how blind I am and show me where the explanation is?

Be active: get hardest workers, and help at trainings and get a high level
Then act professional in game and use grammar enforce rules and then a cac+ might notice u

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I am level 237 (i think) and i am active. Should i be more active in departments or discord chat?

Be active in game first, department activity helps for CP+ and a bit for warden. Dizzy isnt really important for warden- tho

As a warden being active in discord would actually help more than you think. It helps get your name out there to CAC+. It doesnt change too much but i would recommend it.

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i agree wardens dont need more power

Well wardens don’t need more power but I think that the rank Deputy Warden should get less power because it’s very annoying when a DW starts a false vote-kick and they reasons are… questionable…

I know some people who will kill you for reviving a dead post but ok.

Then we ban them, simple
Also that wasn’t a necessary opinion you needed to put on a dead post so…

I just wanted to see if anyone is active here.

Then post on a recent post

Go to recent and find the top few post and post there

Anyone apart from Meany usually doesn’t really respond to posts, sometimes Jonah does, Blub does, maybe I do. I just read a lot of the posts. However necroposting isn’t really a good way to check if anyone is active.

Wow, why would you ban a person without a reason

I said I would ban them for VKA…
Did you read my whole post?
Also the one I responded to?

Sad… You never see me

skoseck - Chairperson and Appeals Staff


I mean sometimes I do but not that much lol. Anyways ima get back to studying.

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