Suggestions that can make life better for everyone

Votekick for W+ ( since si only in server when there is a training or shift etc etc )

Cadet ABT ( Cadet advanced basic training which they have to pass before getting any tools, hosted by a bot. )

SV Admin: Tag Hide ( Hides the tag on top of your head to make it not obvious that your an admin when your on a investigation or playing the game normally )

Strike system ( add a strike system in which users are marked with a strike on their head, such as “S1 bruh trolling” which can be removed by “unS1 bruh false positive” and on strike 3 the user will get auto-reset and his strikes will be removed. )

SI+ Perms ( Perms given to SI after they complete SI+ Training. These perms allow SI’s to cuff officers, and fire them, same can be done for CP, FD so on. )

Y’all can also add to this, tell me suggestions and I’ll add them to the list.

Hello, I would like to firstly address the votekick for W+. The votekick system was removed and the mod call system was implemented due to the influx of abusive votekicks ingame. Wardens have had their days, but the abuse and the incorrect using of the votekick system would not benefit sv anymore. The mod call system is more affective and better used with less abuse.

The tag is there to encourage people to ask the admins/people with the tags for help, report things to them and to alert people that the admin has arrived.

Strike system can be used with CoS+ as they have the commands and admin for that but, it would just draw attention to them and encourage trollers to have a goal.

SI is too easily obtained and this would easily be abused by kids, who can get SI even when underage.

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