Superintendent rank not changing in the discord or the roblox group

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  • I bought superintendent. When i click claim it prompts me that it will change my rank. i click yes then it just says “nil” with 2 buttons “no” and “failed”. I dont know why it doesnt work. +i cant join the hicom team
  • Every time i try
  • In the UI
  • Im the only one that has this problem
  • (couldnt upload video)

High command team is for CAC+ not SI+

Thats not the main probem… the main issue is that i cant claim the SI

Hi, I am currently experiencing the same issue and I’m greatly confused as to why I cannot access this role. I suggest for you (which I am currently in the process of doing), is to perhaps open a ticket in their communications server in order to resolve the issue. If I manage to solve it, I will reach back to this post to help you out too!

Okay thank you. im going to open a ticket right now. hopefully they will fix it

i just contacted SHR and it got fixed

I’m glad it worked out for you! Very happy to help out :slight_smile: