Supervisor request

This is the Supervisor Request topic. Please use the format bellow:

Your username:
Your rank:
Sessions available:
Times available:


Shift, training and RPC.
10:00 am-10:30 am (EST)
I will not be available to rank.

Notes: Please use the correct format. Do not impersonate. Please do not side chat. If you want to mark a supervisor just reply with “Marked”. You must use EST for your available times. Please delete your requests after 30 minutes of it’s creation or if it has been marked. Make sure not to make the time difference more than 30 minutes, example: 10:00am-10:30 not 10:00am-10:40. Instead of replying with “still” just make a new post.

I know this may be useless but just let’s see what happens

tf is this :skull:


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Fr. just let stay here until some random FD posts somthing with the format and someone marks and then more FD+ Start to posts more.

Why do we need this on the forums…

This is useless. That channel exists for obvious reasons and people don’t check or reply to topics on forums often anyway.



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@dpimpy delete this bud.