Switching Team Restrictions

Short and simple:
Make it so people can’t switch teams while in solitary, maximum security, or cuffs, but there can be a feature where they can report if they were falsely out in maximum security/solitary.

Who wpuld check that? The reports wpuld skyrocket and nobody will have proof. If you get abused, report it in the intel.

Alright then bud, just an idea, you can chill a bit.

Chill? If this gets implemented the appeals team will die, the quota is alreqdy to high, we would need more appeals staff=a higher chance somebody is leaking=trouble=the game dies. Damn, just no

I like the idea of not able to change team while in solitary or maximum even thought it’s only 2 mins but the report feature uhm I think votekick is good enough since most of the Wardens will votekick them when you report it to them. :sweat_smile:

I don’t really agree because sometimes I have to switch teams. I’ll be cuffed and the officer is taking me out the prison or is just holding me in cuffs.

iraswag07 (Warden)