Tasks for only police team

It would be cool if only when you are in police team you get special task’s other that inmate’s.
Task’s could be like arrest 2 criminals and like that. When you join back as inmate you get your inmate task’s. But they don’t reset like you arrested 1/2 criminals and you join inmate team then you join back police team and you still have 1/2 arrested no 0/2.

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There are already tasks, they just aren’t listed. If you enable the power and get 50 XP, it is a task.

Then they should make it visible.

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got that?


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That is not true, you only recieve 4 xp.

But you do sometimes get 50.
D dndncjjxnx

You never get 50xp stop lying.

I may be wrong, but I think I have got that much. I’m not lying, I just may be getting the facts wrong…

How do I change it so it have grammar?

I changed it for you.


Ensure that what you’re saying is true before typing.

I’m not on my PC right now, so I can’t test it. You’re making a big deal off of a mistake. Chill bro.