The claim button is not working it is not working at all

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description It an bug that when you try to calm and rank it will all ways say failed to load,
  • How often does it occur Alwyas
  • Where does it occur Not related question
  • How to reproduce Not sure
  • Video showing the bug

Here’s another photo

@Realshoota Is there something wrong with your internet? Also, did you post this twice?

Did you joined group?

Yes I did and I’m can Cadet officer

@Realshoota Change to Cadet Officer then claim ERT as a Officer

@Realshoota Hello! If you are still having this problem, please try to rejoin the group. I had this problem before, but rejoining the group helped me!

This is won’t really be notified but atleast you can have a way to solve it!

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