The idea of a Certified CP quiz

Example: If someone is a CP, they would not have the perks or abilitys of a “Certified Chairsperson” They must be a CP no higher to apply, the whole idea of this is to make it where trusted CP’s can host without a supervisor and maybe some more perks, there could be like a thing where they can get certified hosts where they don’t need a supervisor and it could be different from regular hosts. It takes longer to complete quota finding a supervisor the idea of it would be really cool. Example: You can host two times per day. • You can co-host two times per day. And you can host Certified shifts 2 times per day or somthing like that. If you get the idea of it. NOT ALL CP’S WOULD BE ABLE TO GET IT, they would have to take an application through an google docs application.


Let me know what you think of this idea.

I think search bar would be useful for ypu

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I already know how to use it I am just suggesting it.