The owner of private servers

Hi, something that would certainly earn and improve the game it would be what the owners of the private server had custom commands, for exemple: SV admin / CMOTB admin
In my opinion they could also change teams, in which they want them, being the owners misernno right of these things if they added it for me would be very nice.

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Absolutely agree. As it stands there’s barely any incentive to buying a private server, doing something as simple as this would definitely improve sales

No… Some commands can highly destroy Stateview by entire, and not only inside your private server…

Why not, I say not perforza the CMOTB admin but at least The SHR admin yes, obviously this will be only for the owner, and only in private servers.

SHR Admin still have high dangerous commands.

Guys, let’s not discuss admin, it only matters that admin is an admin from owner, HR+(CAC+)

I understand your point with this. This could only be possible if we had specific commands, and not a role at all.

Right, now I’m thinking of useful, non-dangerous commands.