The timetable needs updating!

The new timetable is bad because it used to be fun when it was yard time or something but now it is just cell block. And it is boring and not even an actual rp game anymore. Please fix the game and don’t just leave it on one thing forever. Because moving around and making sure nobody can escape made the game fun now you can’t get the out to escape or get the thing to brake free unless it is open or you have a keyboard. Make the game fun again.

What are you talking about? you are acting like there is only cell block

They is yard and stuff but the only thing we can do if following the timetable is cell block and that is boring if it is just that.

When did this start? prob just a glitch.

I noticed it yesterday but every sever I join it is always cell block no matter how long you play.

There is no point in doing that feature request as it is obvious that they are working on it…

They have not announced it publicly yet so they might not.

Why would they announce it? There’s a bug, it’ll be fixed and that’s it. It seems like you guys have never seen a bug.

But if it is making the rp experience different you will think they will announce it.

Bruh. It’s a bug not a feature🤦‍♂️

I never said if it was a bug or not I was just saying my opinion on for if it was for an update.