Things you probably did not know! (maybe you did)

1- The easiest rank to get in Stateview Prison is Guest, not Low Security Inmate.
2- You get 1 a 100% chance of getting Respected Inmate if you retire from a PC+ rank.
3- more than 50 chairpersons have been demoted because of quota
4- Any rank can join the High Command team. You just need to get teamed!

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  1. Guest isn’t a rank.
  2. Depends if you want to resign to RI or not.
  3. That’s crazy.
  4. No. Teaming people to HICOM or OC isn’t possible even without admin regulations applying as you will automatically be teamed back to whatever team you were on originally.
  1. Guest is a rank.
  2. okay
  3. i think in private servers it is allowed as it happened in the SirShoota
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Guest isn’t a rank, find some actual proof to back up this claim

Guest isn’t a rank, the first obtainable rank is lsi

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Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that guest isn’t a rank… :skull:

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Guest is a rank within Stateview Prison. But guest is not a rank in Stateview Correctional Facility.∞ (the group). I did not say Stateview Correctional Facility.∞, I said Stateview Prison.

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Proof? Where?


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I am asking you for proof, your not asking me for proof, where is the proof that it’s a rank?

Blacklist logs


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That’s really, really, really rare. 99% of the time a blacklisted user will just be demoted and rank locked to SSI.

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But, still proof.

Stop the discussion pls

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They have never demoted anyone to Guest before, only SSI. the only reason they put “guest” in there is because the user has already left the group and doesn’t have a rank.

Exactly bud. Guest is not a rank in the group. But in the game itself it is

  1. I am one of them.:sob::sob::sob: (keystrokes)