Three methods to get CP

Hello everyone, if you are wondering this is just a little list of some tips and tricks to get from SI to CP.

The first method is Inspections, inspections can get someone promotions ranging from CAO-FD witch also then means you can get CP.
However note that you have to be SI and you have to have decent stats in HW’s, Co-Hosting and helping in training to actually get promoted if you are a MR basically SI-FD, you also have to note that to pass the inspections you need to pass a minimum of 3/4 of the four inspection phases.

The second method is to get noticed by a HR, i know everyone says this but it is the truth but the thing is how do you get noticed well there is one easy way, you have to Constantly Co-Host shifts or trainings whenever the host is a HR in this way you can more easily show your skills as a SI to the HR that is hosting and in the way get noticed.

Lastly is a method that is not my recommended way of getting CP, but the easiest way to really get it is to win a promotion giveaway.

Reply with some feedback as this is my first ever topic written.

Nice. Totally agree with all of the points here and every hungry SI should resd this.