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Hello, as you may know when you appeal you get a cooldown. You cant see your countdown but there is. And the problem is you still can open a ticket, but when they do by accident or maybe on purpose they get blacklisted forever.

Once when I appealed I accidently appealed on the 6 day. They weren’t really happy about it and lucky enough I didn’t get blacklisted. But I did get warned by it.

So maybe it would be more easy if a cooldown role exist.

Also its not only better for the member but it’s also better for the supporters that are trying to help you. They also get tired by people opening their ticket when their cooldown isn’t over.

How is it now?

You opened a ticket. After that a staff came to help you and closes the ticket later. You now have a cooldown. But you still can open a ticket to appeal!

How it has to be and work!

You opened a ticket as normal, staff helps you and closes. But the staff member uses a BOT that can give a role to members for a small time, just like a tempmute. For example (!tempmute 1w)

But then you give a @cooldown role for 1 week. People with this role cant appeal anymore. When the week is over the bot automatic removes the role of the member. And he can appeal again!

Is it better?

I think this is better, you see alot of staff hating it that people accidently or on purpose are opening tickets in their cooldown, with this @cooldown role they cant appeal until the week is over!

I hope you agree with this!


Unforantly i dont think ticket tool allows this feature!


Hello, bl4cklegoYT

Incorrect topic type, this may be in Feature Requests.

Old Facility Director

Hello @bl4cklegoYT,
I like your suggestion, but it would require external bot & appeal staffs would have to use a command. There’s few bots out there, that gives temp-roles. If we had a bot that could give temp roles, it would be amazing. But it’s not something build into Ticket tool, so we’ll need to code our own or find one with temp-roles. I’ll give this suggestion to the appeal department.

Also you may move your topic into #feature-requests, this is the wrong tag.

valdemarcrafter - Appeal Staff & Facility Director

I’d probably not recommend a bot to remind you about appeal-cooldown… It would give appeals staff more work than is already needed from them by adding the extra bot commands every time they handle an appeal.

The Department of Appeals gets around 60 - 70 Appeals / Reports per day, adding a new feature like bot commands in effort to show when your appeal-cooldown is over, is essentially saying that the person appealing is too incompetent to acknowledge when their appeal-cooldown is over.

(Simply get a pen or paper and write down what day your appeal-cooldown is over, it’s as easy as that)

Sincerely Trey,
Branch Diversity Team
Deputy Director of Appeals

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