Too less trainings hosted

I need someone to host a training, but no one is responding and hosting a training for the administrator trial

Your title doesn’t make any sense

Dear @johnchoo225
I am here to answer your question!

  1. They made trainings to be hosted more.
  2. Trainings can be hosted when:
    1. there is a Facility director or above ranked officer
      and he wants to do it and he made every step on
      set up to the session.
    2. hosting times are XX:00 and XX:30, where “XX”
      stands for hours. But sessions cannot be hosted
      at hours 16:00 to 18:00 because of restrictions.
  3. On discord you can find on sessions channel sessions that are starting/on-going/ending. Better check this channel before given hours, when FD+ can host a training.