Topic about frankie administration

Frankie implemented a time schedule for sessions. You can check it out in dizzy. Basically, you can DM frankie when which session is being hosted in a week. This will completely mess up quota as many people have Irl things to do and cant plan their whole week after SV. Its making me So mad right now that frankie got 10 more people who dont want this than people wanting this. After that he asked if he can atleast try it for a week and didnt even put a option to deny it. If im completely honest, I was a great ben supporter in the elections but I thought frankie would be good. Hes not Ben but he can still be great. I had my concerns when he said he will add cars to SV but now im just completely mad at him. He even locked all channels so we cant complain about his idea. Stateview is already dying and many people are leaving us, we cant make it worse with descissions the community doesnt even want. After his idea got rejected he called us all assholes. Im just so mad in the moment. I just wanted to somehow let my anger out, you dont need to reply to this or anything, im just really mad.

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Update: He redid a vote and even siryeet needed to make a new poll that it shouldnt be added.

Um where did u even get this information~

The information happened in the Main Chat in discord. Everything Was locked and frankie presented his ideas, not many people wanted it. We got after a hard bit of work now a request-supervisor channel.

I think the elections should be brought forward, Frankie hasn’t done anything good for Stateview. He removed patrol logs saying it was useless and then added a completely useless session schedule.

Its the opposite, he got a longer term, means hes governor even longer than he should be.

There was a community vote about it

The Directors of Plan F. Games even said they would allow Frankie another term as governor but they let the community vote on it yet there was a huge amount of yes’s and little amount of no’s

He also hosted that mega inspection that promoted a bunch of unqualified people.

Frankie has done a few good things but the bad’s heavily outweigh the goods.

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Ya frankie just ruined the game (if ur reading this frankie pls don’t be mad at me no offence)


This is all I have to say

Frankie was banned and wont be gov anymore, after seeing the messages he sent siryeet I hate him even more. He wont be gov anymore and wont come back except he convinces jimmy.

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What message did he send?
Gimme morecharacters

Look at beasts BOG-COS promo log. The messages are attached.

I hope he cant. He is still ranked gov in group tho. If Frankie wanted to he could demote/promote anyone. Even CMOTB.

I think that jimmy will look at it and likely just blacklist him. If I’m correct he insulted jimmy on his way out anyway. No need for jimmy to keep him.

Here, if you wanna see everything: (TW, contains racial slurs aswell as pedophile actions)