[UNOFFICIAL] Cop Beginner Guide

Beginners Guide for Cops

# What is your role as a cop?

Your role as a cop is to make sure both cops and inmates are safe from danger, and to protect the prison from danger, mostly criminals.

# Handling inmates

## Giving warnings

An inmate should be given 3 warnings before being put in a max security cell.

You give an inmate a warning when:

* They enter a restricted area(Crossing the dark red line)
* They have contraband(ex. A gun, knife, hammer, etc.)
* They punch you, another officer, or an inmate
* They attempt to pickpocket you

If they ask for the reason, you must give it(ex. You crossed the red line).

## An Inmate with contraband

If the inmate has only pulled the item out, but not used it. Then you cuff them, frisk, then say “W1”.

### Frisking an inmate

When you see someone with contraband, cuff them, give them a warning, and press the “frisk” button. This will remove all items in their inventory. But you DO NOT frisk inmates randomly, or without a reason. That is considered abuse.

### An Inmate is using contraband

If an inmate is using contraband, handcuff them, frisk them, and put them in Max Security.

## Putting an inmate in max security

When an inmate is given 3 warnings, you should take them to a max security cell. DO NOT take them anywhere else, even if they ask.

## Killing on sight

Sometimes, an inmate can become a threat. There are cases where you can kill on sight.

Here are some:

  • An inmate is actively firing a gun
  • When you cannot cuff an inmate who is attempting to flee/escape(ex. Many inmates attempt to escape at once)

# Criminals

## When Criminals are in the Facility

Criminals may raid the prison at any time. If you see one, handcuff them if the opportunity is there. If not, it’s a kill on sight order.

## Securing the Front Gate

The front gate is outside the prison exit door. If the gate is open, go to the left watchtower, and close the gate.

After that, close all the watchtower doors, so no criminals are able to get in.

# The prison status

## What is it?

The prison status is where the inmates are supposed to be. The status is labelled in the top right corner. For example, if it’s yard time, you will get a notification that it’s yard time, and see it in the top right corner.

## Following the status

When the status changes, you must cuff an inmate and take them to the said status. For example, if it was yard time, you would cuff them and take them to the yard. When all the inmates are transported to the status location, you should monitor and guard that location.

# Restricted areas

## What is restricted to you?

As a cadet, corrections, or emergency response officer, you are unable to enter any room containing a computer. You are also unable to use the computers. These are the control room, the camera room in the Prison Exit room, the computers in the metal detector room, and all the computer rooms, like near the Cellblock, Max Cellblock, and Showers.

Once you are a commander, the control room and all computer rooms near places such as the Cellblock are available to you. The camera room is still off limits to you.

When you become a Prison Inspector, the camera room is now available to you.

# Communication

## Why do we use it?

We use it for many reasons. For example, if there are criminals at the front gate, you can use your radio to tell your fellow officers that you need backup. Or if there is a riot, you can communicate that to your fellow officers as well.

## How do I communicate?

To communicate, press “T” on your keyboard, or the gray transmit button on mobile to toggle your radio to transmitting or not transmitting. If your radio is active, you’ll see a red square at the top right of your radio HUD.

Radio transmitting:

Radio not transmitting:

You will still receive messages from fellow officers even if your radio is not transmitting.

## What are radio channels?

Next to the square, you’ll notice another square with a number on it. This is the channel you are on.

Channel 1: Is the normal channel used, and is always the one you use normally unless you are told otherwise in a shift or training

Channel 2 and 3: Only used when specified during a shift training, or any other session.

# Abuse

## What is it?

There are different types of abuse, but the main idea is when a cop is abusing their power as a cop.

## What should you do if you see this?

If you see abuse, use the command modcall -reason- and a mod will come. From there, you can explain things to the mod.

## Cuff abuse

This is the most common type of abuse. This is when a guard abuses the handcuffs, like using them for no reason. If you see this, you should report this to a mod using the modcall command.

# Calling Moderators

## How do you do this?

If and when you need to do this, use the command ‘modcall -(give your reason here)-’. A mod will come to settle things and punish rulebreakers accordingly.

## When do you do this?

You call a mod when:

  • It violates the Roblox ToS
  • When someone is cross-teaming
  • When someone is abusing their powers
  • When someone is exploiting/hacking
  • When an admin is abusing their powers
  • When someone is glitching on purpose(using a bug to gain an advantage)
  • When someone is impersonating someone else

To learn more about the in-game rules, go here: Company In-Game Regulations & Moderation Guidelines

## How do you report to intel?

First, you need to join the main server by going to the Stateview Prisons group, and clicking the “Stateview Communications” Discord tab. After joining, go to the #FAQ channel, and join the “Stateview Administrations” AKA Intel server, then make a game-report ticket.

# Map

## Floor 1

## Floor 2

## Credits:

Creator/Writer: moodycrazy1
Editors: aiden9486, Poppyannie
Publisher: aiden9486

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that you kill them on sight. I think it says it in-game on a poster.

While this does work too, and is allowed, you should give warnings instead of killing on sight, as this is more fun and fits with the roleplay better.

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While the in game poster does say that, it is still considered gun abuse by many, as rules have changed, you can always check on the official Stateview rule guide forum.

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No, you can kill them if they’re causing a riot(ex. Many inmates crossing red line and punching…), it’s better to use cuffs.

Actually, comm can’t use the pc in Control Room, the control room pc can only be used by DW+, however if a DW+ give a comm+ permission to activate Lockdown, he can activate it, correct me if I’m wrong but I always used this protocol.

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