[Unofficial] How to guarantee to pass a shift

Shifts are sessions that are hosted very often, and they’re a really easy way to get promoted if you know what you’re doing. To get HW (Hardest Worker), you can follow these steps.

If you don’t know what shifts are, they’re promotional sessions where you do mini jobs/roles inside the map. Rank requirements:

Host: CP+
Co-Host: SI+
Supervisor: FD+
Ranker: CAC+


Patrol (Limit: Any) - Given to any rank. You are required to stay at status and report about it.

Scout (Limit: Any) - Given at any rank. You are required to go to the FG (Front Gate) and report about the exit.

Response (Limit: Any) - Given to ERT+ as long as they’re on the ERT team. You can patrol around the whole prison, give statuses and respond to any emergency calls.

Camera-Operator (Cam-Op)(Limit: 1) - Given to PI+. You must go to the prison exit, watch the cameras and report abound the prison.

Captain (Limit: 1) - Given to W+. You are required to patrol around the prison, but check in on the group. You can ask for statuses.

Drill Instructor (DI)(Limit: 2) - Given to DW+. This role is mostly used in evacuations, and can never be given alone, always with patrol. You are required to give clearance to start the evacuation and supervise it.

Now that we’ve gone over the roles, the best and only way to pass a shift is to chat a lot. If you are a Scout, Camera-Operator or Drill Instructor, don’t transport inmates if there’s a Lockdown/Blackout/Evacuation. To pass, you must say that the area is clear in 1 million different ways, such as

  • CB is clear!
  • CB is secure!
  • CB is clear, no riots or armed inmates.
    And so on.
    Cam-Op has one of the best chances at passing as it can just confirm more areas.

In general, chatting the most out of everyone will guarantee a HW.

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I got responde when I was a cadet

That is the host’s fault, DM a member of community management and report them

Yeah, I didn’t knew at the time lol.

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