[Unofficial Stateview News] Abusers

Okay, hi! I know you have not seen me posting Stateview news, but I have been accepted into the unofficial news group. Anyways let’s start with the post now!

So I see a lot of abusers in game every day. They shoot inmates for bad reasons or no reason at all. This is super annoying because when you are just trying to walk around as an inmate and you get shot out of nowhere it really messes up your mood.

I also see a ton of cuff abuse and in my opinion this is worse because inmates have no control and the officer could get them in trouble which is super annoying. The other day, I was an inmate and I went up to the SR to watch a session. After about a minute I was cuffed and the officer jumped near the wall and did that glitch where the inmate/criminal gets inside the SR. I didn’t want to talk to the host about how I got there, as I was on mobile, so I left. But this was super annoying and I had no control over it. Sadly, I don’t know how to fix this problem and that’s why I’m asking you guys! Please leave suggestions down below and I might bring them up!

News Director/Head Journalist

Also, please DM me or any other person from the news department if you wish to join!

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Good job making this : D
If there was more ways to get care of abusers only…

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