V3 Layout Competition

Hey Stateview!

I challenge you to make the best most interactive layout you could imagine for V3, the winner will receive

  • Their character hidden in the game somewhere as an Easter egg
  • 10K R$
  • Creds

You’re allowed to use multiple photos, this layout is for prison only. Good luck!
P.S - We may use none if none meet our criterea.




I think a futuristic space/sci fi prison would be really cool. This is just an example that I found on google, and I DID NOT make this. I might make my own example tomorrow, but it’s late and I want to get some sleep.

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Here is some ai art I just generated, it isn’t perfect but its a start. I’m not trying to win, I am just trying to suggest cool ideas. Like I said previously, I would love to see a futuristic type prison.


This is the best prison layout I could think of. But There should be a staff area, a seperate building for max and solitary inmates!

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I hope you use this! :slight_smile: image


First floor

Second floor

hope yall enjoy, its a bit crap but atleast i tried!

First Image is First Floor. Second Image is Ground Floor.

Adtcfygvfgy and Mallarows

New version of Stateview V3 Map

(i was bored ok)

So I decided to build the prison layout instead of drawing, heres’s the result:

-Sv Layout Idea (V3) - Roblox

– What’s different, and why?

  1. I changed the places of the spawns. I though ERT Spawn should be closer to exit since that’s where the most criminals attack. And CO spawn should be closer to inside of the prison since their job is to patrol.

  2. Added a “Break Room” for staff, more info in-game.

  3. Added a “Meeting Room” for staff, more info in-game.

  4. Added a “Laundry Room”. My idea was to add more mini-games for inmates, so the game would be more fun for guests.

  5. Added 3 different stairs around the prison.

  6. Added a secret room too, but I won’t say where it is in here.

  7. Changed the design of many rooms, like Cafeteria, Cell Block, Yard, Yard Overwatch etc. Just wanted to make them more interesting.

  8. Also changed locations of the rooms too. There would be no point of V3 if it was the same.

– Notes:

  • I didn’t add lights in the building, so when you join the game type “.light me 150”

  • Also I added warp commands for Control room (cr), Session Room (sr), Cell Block (cb), Yard (yard), Max Security CB (max), CO Spawn (co), ERT Spawn (ert), Meeting Room (mr). Use “/warp (room)”

  • Sizes of the walls/rooms aren’t perfect, so some parts may be too big or small

  • The building also isn’t perfect. It’s just built to show the idea of the layout

  • White parts are stairs. I was just too lazy to add details

  • If you think I should add/delete/change something, you can DM me

  • plsatleastcheckitoutittookforever

  • Dorito#7797

RobloxScreenShot20230325_201012458 (2)


First, How about adding car variants? It is boring to just ride the Charger. Then, Add a criminal spawn in the city, or why then did you put the city in the game? Also, some new ranks would be nice. Some ranks like Prison Captain, Prison Major, And Prison Brigade could be placed under the role “Prison Leaders”. And I think that SI+ should be added to the same role. You can also put some new weapons in the game. Lastly, some content, like the cars and the weapons, may be rank-locked, e.g. ERT Charger are rank-locked, and the player must reach ERT+ to be able to spawn the ERT Charger.

I hope you like my idea.

Actually, it is nice. But I suggest to add another door to the electric chail

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Sure but where exactly?‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

special boy


Hello, my name is Stijnkonijn98. I worked hard on creating a map for V3 of Stateview. I tried to think of a composition that was as creative as possible, and even included a basement. I added some descriptive text to all rooms, to make it easier to see what it represents, and also made a drawing for each room, of how I think it should look in-game. There is a small legend on the top left, to show you what certain frequently used symbols mean. I hope you are able to picture this in-game!