VC Feature to Officer Radio for Shifts and Normal Use

I would like to recommend the VC Radio:
When there is a Shift the Administration (Host/Co-Host/Supervisor) could set the VC Chat Setting to Shift and they could add the Members and their Roles. When their speaking, I would recommend to use the Thing around the Name like this:
And when the Shift has ended, the Administration would set it to Ended and everyone would go back to the normal VC Radio. The Normal VC Radio would have the Feature from the Shift Version but for Example the [Captain] would go to their Rank. In this Case [SI]. When someone activated VC in Roblox, but doesnt want to have it in VC. They could just disable it in the Settings. A Example for a Shift could be this:
Also, who dont have VC, there would be the Chat, but there will be in BC and Discords #session Channel would say, that its an extra VC Shift. Who really wanna join this VC Shift, could use the Chat, but maybe do extra VC Servers, idk.

Unfortunatly, I can only upload 1 Image so I use the [Attach] Method, its all in one Picture, here:

Vc radios aren’t in the game yet I thought

They arent, thats the Idea for what it could look like.

Also, most players don’t even have VC, so why add a VC radio? I understand that the people with VC want a VC radio, but is it really needed?


What I say about that to them: “turn 13 you underage f***”

You need to be 13 to play SV anyways, so you should have vc

I completly agree with that

Yes it is, its so annoying in a Shift when you have to type and defeat against Criminals at once

Why did bro make a windows 1 ahh lookin ui :skull:
How would this work? Would it be through the use of an external application?

This would also be alot of work for who ever would keep track of it.

No, it would be integrated in the Game, like the regular Radio Chat, only with these new features.

Maybe allow Helpers to keep Track of it