Verification Issue

Whenever I try to verify in the Discord server it says “Access Denied (002x)”. I just want to socialize on the server, so is there any way to fix this?


Try it again tomorrow , this occurs pretty often

I tried and it is still doing it.

Hm idk then, u can also try switching wifi

You shut blub
(I will be nice if you gib location of janitors keycard)

Maybe give it a go now? It might have been an issue with your account age, or something like that.

I tried it again and it still won’t work.

Have you also tried it on another ifi network?

Blub was only trying to help so you know what im getting at? Stop with useless comments please-

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I can’t use a different network.

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I don’t know if this is allowed, but have you tried a VPN?

Ok jonah but you are big meany

Bur like any other wifi, mobile data, or even VPN

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In statiview discord server they using bloxlink?..

I have no more words…

That user has left SVP…