VoteKick Certification

@dpimpy this is pro idea. Hear me out.

You add another quiz to the quiz game that must be completed by any DW or W that wants to use the votekick system. The questions would be stuff like “When should you VK someone?” “How many warnings should you give?” and some scenarios, such as “A user is random killing, what do you do?”

This would reduce VKA by a lot.


Better idea, there could also be a training locked for DW+ to attend, as quiz’s would be easy to pass. With this sort of special training DW-W would be able to obtain VKs. It would be much harder than Normal trainings and would have extra phases.

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Will bring to HICOM with this idea :slight_smile:

Great idea, but I think I can add on to a little bit. A user can only pass this special training 3 times total if they have been punished for VKA. After the third time, even if they passed the training a fourth time, they would be unable to get VK perms(Trainer would do full background checks to see how many times they have passed).

Yeah, like a sort of VK lock.
That would be really good for stateview and would really lower VKA!