Votekicks should be Warden+

When I am in game, I always see DWs VK people for ridiculous reason like, ‘Stopping an inmate to play swearing word songs’, ‘dfdffdfdfdfdfd’, ‘chicken nugget 5000’ etc. I think VK should be only accessible by W+ since they are mostly more mature than DWs. They can also get a system to detect whether the VK reason is reasonable or not.

I can agree on this. I’m tired of DW’s saying random stuff for a reason as if they’re trying to find a way to get someone in trouble.

Furthermore, they should have a test for the VK system. You’d have to take a quiz/test to gain permission to use the system; there should also be a requirement where you have to be a Warden+.

Now, this is my opinion on it, it’s fine if you don’t agree with me on it.