Warning Counter

There should be a command (like !warn ) and then it adds a warning… instead of having to say w1… w2… w3 etc… and it will say the warnings that they are on above their head so other officers know.


Would be nice, but it would be abused heavily, and only having this command for certain staff wouldn’t be good either…

This should be given to W+.


I agree this command should be given to W+.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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This need to be in the game .


I like your suggestion, but Stateview’s MRs & HRs isn’t ready for such a command. We see many abusers from MO-FD, we even have few leadership members & Senior High Ranks that abuse. Stateview isn’t ready for this, maybe when the HRs & MRs will be more mature & stop abusing.
It’s great, but Stateview’s staff isn’t ready to have it in their power. There will be given random warnings & will be abused too much. People will give warnings for anything they want, this should not be added.

  • valdemarcrafter - BigPro
    Facility Director - FD

Should be W+, many people will heavily abuse it.


i agree it should be for warden+

sincerely warden burry

This command should defenetly be given to warden+.

I am a DW and I always have a notepad next to me so I write username 1 cuff abusing

This should be for Warden+, and CP+ or the person who warned them can remove it at any time.

Also, the warning goes away after 1 hour.

What a great idea!

This feature will probably be abused so best to leave it to W+ or CP+ to give out warnings.

There should be a cooldown every 15-30 minutes of game time where the warning is taken off.

The warning is also saved if a user changes servers or rejoins.

You should add a command like Warn {user} {reason} and moderator and make it perm and add the date so people can see when it was added for W+.

Maybe give these commands to DW+ that the command is warn{user}reason.

No, imagine the abuse there would be.

Or they would have to be logged and CAC+ can ban / terminate abusers.

I agree. But this should be given to Warden. So that it cannot get abused. This should be ingame.
Signed, Shadowmaster1me - Warden

Wardens still abuse a lot

But i did not abuse before, not even once.

Dd3819 (W)

You probably didn’t, but a lot of people do

Well someone can warm him also.