Watchtower and gun update

  1. Can watchtowers be revamped so you can jump off of them, currently if you see someon trying to enter or escape you have to go down the ladder and open the door which could lose them while jumping off would save you time. The other day i saw a inmate get on the roof of the prison and was walking on the roof due to the stacking thing they do with the walls and i couldnt catch them, also could w be able to jump off the balcony near the gate.

  2. Can more guns be added, currently guards cant even shoot from towers so a good addition would be snipers or something.

I disagree, It adds to real life scenarios.

maybe but if your working at a prison you dont always have to use grammar, irl all cops wont keep inmates in there will be one letting them out.

either way whats your thoughts on snipers especially because you cant shoot from towers.

Prison guards do use snipers in real life, but in what scenario would a Sniper be useful? If your plan is to shoot criminals from watch towers, you can just use your M4A1, it still does the same.

Snipers would be easily abusable. If you’d go to yard in a watch tower, you could easily kill all inmates without anyone being able to know who did it, unless they would add a :killlogs command which would take even more time and pain for the developers to make.

nah you cant sadly. i have already tried.

You can already jump off the watch towers that are on the outside of the prison. All though I do agree, a sniper (that could kill someone with something like 2 rounds) with a scope would be a nice addition, especially when completing the ‘scout’ role during a shift. All thought be able to use 3 guns at once would be very unrealistic.

What about explosives for raiding the prison. I can only imagine running up the stairs near sr being chased by 10+ cops and throwing like 5 grenades down there and killing them all.

It would be a cool addition but still really abusable. It would also give an unfair advantage to criminals.